Magento managed cluster hosting by maxcluster

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The right and best choose for magento hosting is maxcluster managed hosting. As magento professional you get more than hosting. All sizes of magento shop could be hostet by maxcluster. It doesn't matter how much shop visitors each hour 50 or problem with cluster hosting from maxcluster.

maxcluster is the first address in german for exclusiv magento hosting.

Bring your spain magento knowlegde to the rest of the world with hosting by maxcluster. Best customer service provide by maxcluster. They didn't speak spanish language, but you could communicate with magento standard language english as well.

Here some of the main pro for choosing maxcluster:


  • short pageload with Varnish and Redis Caching
  • magento shop operation with 50 and more visitors each hour
  • fast import above 1 million products
  • fastest search request with Solr or elasticsearch
  • safe for breakdowns with hardwareproblems
  • managed hosting for magento developers


Have a look at to get more informations. We recommend maxcluster for every magento project.