DHL Express

myDHL+ problems?

Your are since years a DHL Express customer and now you running in a lot of problems with the DHL Express migration to the brand new myDHL+ online solution. Don't worry there a more people like you with the same problems and issues. They are all very unhappy about the phone call center for getting support and learn new things to solve the problems on the new way to create shippments.

Not enough time and you feeling very bad with this DHL Express Support now? Tell me your problems and I help you to solve. No discussion about changing the carrier or creating new contracts. I show you a way to stay with DHL Express and getting back to the known customer satisfaction with DHL Express.

You didn't have to move your way get the direct route and make a small break with me to solve your problems with shipping and DHL Express. Believe me there are no problems only challenges to get back to the right daily business.

Here you could contact me -> get in contact with Marcell